Warframe: Empyrean - Tenno Con 2019 - Railjack Hangar

Warframe | Empyrean Full Demo - TennoLive 2019

Warframe: Empyrean - Tenno Con 2019 - Railjack Hangar

For Warframe's new "Empyrean" reveal for Tenno Con 2019, a small team and I were responsible for creating the Railjack Hangar interior space, which will house the new player crew ship.

During the development, my responsibilities ranged from creating and managing our team's task list and schedule from start to closing of the project. Pitching and blocking out new ideas that focused towards injecting more life / character into the space, while creating key and supporting structural assets along the way. Supporting our Artists with feedback when needed, Lighters with secondary / polishing light passes, helping our Animators with direction and technical bug fixing, helping to test / provide support for our switch to Deferred rendering, as well as polish and perf pass to close the project.

Big thanks to the talented Railjack Hangar crew!

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