Wildlands - Pitch Demo

Wildlands - Pitch Demo - Playthrough

Wildlands - Pitch Demo - Environment Pan

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Concept Art Created By - Rosa Lee - https://www.artstation.com/eunchesdesign

Wildlands - Pitch Demo

Discover Wildlands, a community driven free-to-play online Hack n’ Slash Action RPG set in a dynamic and evolving landscape, shaped by Player actions.


Wildlands is a playable Pitch Demo that Rosa Lee and myself worked on for about 3 months (outside of studio hours). We created and Pitched an F2P project that would dive into a new, unexplored stylized world that focused on battling, exploring, and building together as a community. We also worked towards crafting an idea that was "production friendly" towards a smaller core team to get up and running, while also supporting future growth.

Rosa worked on Concept Art as we both tackled the initial Art Direction goals, while I worked on the playable Pitch Demo built within Unreal Engine, which involved creating all the in-game Assets, Art, Blueprints and Design.

We absolutely had a blast working on this little Pitch and hopefully we'll find more opportunities to work on newer ideas down the road.

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