indie dev projects | jump froggy jump! | unity | 2015

Jump Froggy Jump! was my first released project I've worked on personally as an amateur indie developer during my free time. The goal was to develop and release a fully playable game on the Google Play store (for Android) and to learn as much as I could from the experience.

Since this was my own personal project, I did everything from design, art, animation and coding etc. This was such a fantastic experience which has only fueled my passion to learn and grow as a game developer.

Play Here (Android Only) - 
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INDIE DEV PROJECTS | Roco-ball | UNITY | 2015

Roco-Ball was my second test project I worked on during my free time. This was the first project that I started using the visual scripting add-on for Unity (Playmaker) which really sped up the process of getting my ideas working in-engine (Unity).

This was a fun, challenging little project that helped me learn the importance of scoping within your ability, as well as being able notice the areas where I could push myself within the timeframe. This project also helped start the idea for my next project, Jump Froggy Jump!

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INDIE DEV PROJECTS | Battle Pong | UNITY | 2014-2015

Battle Pong was my first game project (and experience) working in Unity. I made this fun little project over the holidays, coding it in C# and while learning the basics of Unity as it progressed. I had such a fun time working on this, and even though it's super basic, it allowed me to get my hands dirty while still being able to "finish" it within a 2 week period.

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